Sunday, April 8, 2018

It seems everytime the weekend rolls around , I'll wake up and I either have to work or it's in the 30's .
I can't wait to do stuff outside ., that requires warm weather

Friday, April 6, 2018

The boys and I fished the other day . Of course my phone died so I don't have pictures . Makes for an exciting blog , not having pictures . Joseph caught small trout . Where we were on the Hot House Creek , it seemed to be the only fish in the area . They were very small . I'm actually not sure they were trout ... if I had a picture , I could compare it to other pictures.  Anyway , it's almost the weekend and I'll get out again with my phone

But heres a picture , just for the hell of it . I love wormy Maple

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hey , Y'all remember those pocket fisherman things!? I'm going to get one at Wal-Mart this weekend . It should be great for the small stream fishing I do !
I need a boat . A boat would enable me to fish lake Blue Ridge better . Whenever I get a boat , I'll fish it .
In the mean time , the streams will do .. and the river sometimes .
My favorite is to find a deep hole in a stream out in the woods . There's usually some Blue Gill in the deep holes . They taste great and I don't ever fish the hole out

I have the day off today and I would have fished , except it's 36 degrees out and snowing here and there . A lovely second day of Spring

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The other spot . The picture didn't capture the smoothness of the rock that the water flows down

Didn't go anywhere today . Stayed home . Joseph and I went out to the streams and were figuring how we'd damn up a portion in order to make a deep section for when it's hot out . This was one of the potential spots ..

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lights Ahead

Ive seen lights ahead , ill tell ya theyre not completely  dead
Been watching  for a long long time
Who's last now will cone first until the latter does his worst
But no reason to repeat the cycle

Remembering 911 when all at once we became one
Soon to pass the moment went so fast
We ran into differences ya see , hung up on technicalities
You would think we're all lawers .. everyone

Times past and we're still there , how many of yas  really care
Its all good as long as we got our shows
I could lie , cheat and steal and tell you that what's real is unreal
And you'd buy it cause it's spoken in prose

So wake up and look around at all this stuff that's going down
The boat we're on it's riding stormy seas
Don't believe it's all for naught and we lost the reason we sought

I'm keeping my air at 72 degrees

Me 2008

Monday, February 26, 2018

Being I'm still in the introduction  mode of this thread , I figure I'll introduce you to some favorites

I just recently tried the Virgin Bourbon , on the reccomendation from a shop owner . If you're in the " Jack camp " more so than the Jim Camp " , you'd probably really enjoy it . I'm from all camps , as i am a bourbon enjoyer/lover . I hear it's not easy to find outside the south east . Being in the south east has perks . This area first produced bourbon , blues , country , rock and roll and good moon shine

Old granddad 114 is Gods gift to mankind ... but don't tell anyone ! Apparently , bourbon is trendy and the people that do trendy stuff have yet to revert back to the trend of carrot juice and bulgur wheat ... but they will , or something just as boring and gross , never the less they will free up the bourbon supply back to a normal level and OGD  114 will be easy to acquire and drop in price . So , mums the word.  Plus , God rolls his eyes at trendy people and being its s gift , we want God to be happy with us . However , its ok to tell the Baptists because they don't drink ... which reminds me .....

Question : How many Baptists does it take to drink a six pack of beer ?

Answer : One , because if more than one Baptist is around , nobody drinks